JUSTICE is a compelling legal and family drama set in Abu Dhabi, the Capital city of the United Arab Emirates. It’s in this bustling metropolis where we meet Farah, a passionate, ambitious young Emirati, just returned from the U.S. with her degree in law.


During her years in the U.S., Farah has grown accustom to a certain level of freedom and independence and struggles to readjust to family life and local customs. 


Farah’s father Hassan is one of the UAE’s top lawyers and she has always looked up to him.  Hassan has big plans for Farah at his prestigious firm, but she has other ideas…Determined to succeed on her own, she starts a small law practice.


As Farah readapts to returning home, life with her family and the pressure of running her own firm, her skills as a lawyer steadily improve. She falls for Khalid, a successful charming prosecutor and faces the challenges of a lawyer-prosecutor romance. Her fondness for Khalid can often over shadow her judgment and she is eventually forced to choose between her career and her love life.


Inspired by real cases from the UAE Justice System, the series culminates with Farah and Hassan taking on the most important case of their lives: defending her mother after she is accused of murder.