Omar Butti

United Arab Emirates

Perhaps best known as the face of local TV station Dubai One, Omar Butti has long harbored dreams of being a significant force in Emirati and international filmmaking. Since starting a film club to make movies whilst still at high school, he has carried forward a creative passion in all of his endeavors.

Omar went to film school with the intention of focusing on feature films, however he found himself temporarily sidetracked by documentary making and television.  He is now looking to get back to his original passion.

"I saw AFS as an opportunity to go back to my first love of story telling and make movies to both entertain and challenge stereotypes of the Arab World. It's key that they both have an Arab identity, but can be accessible to a global audience".

AFS has provided Omar with a good mix of refresher courses and new skillsets, all of which he feels are invaluable to bettering him as a filmmaker.

Omar believes that there is no shame in making popular entertainment, and his short film ‘Black/White’, is meant first and foremost, to entertain.

"No matter what kind of movie you're making, ultimately if it's boring no one will watch it. You can have the best message in the world, but if you don't make it fun and accessible you miss out on the majority of your audience.

‘Black/White’ also carries a subtext about appearances and preconceptions, based on dress and cultures.  Through my film I hope to shatter these ideas in a funny and light way.”