Mariam Khanji

United Arab Emirates

Mariam Khanji believes passionately that film is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story.

“I have always wanted, as an Arab, to have a presence in the world.  We have so many great stories, but only a few people to tell them out loud.  Through film, I don’t need to talk to convince others, the picture says it all.  And regardless, I just love filmmaking.”

When Mariam discovered Arab Film Studio, she felt it provided just the opportunity she was looking for - a chance to gain more knowledge, alongside professional filmmaking experience.

“Studying films at university is not enough for me.  I wanted to learn about film and cinema from the people involved in the business.

I loved taking part in the workshops and challenges. The story structure, make up and shooting exercises were the most beneficial, and I had so much fun!”

Mariam’s final film is called ‘It Didn’t Have To Be Like This’.  The inspiration came from her continuous observation of everyday events, recognizing how little things can really have an effect and completely change outcomes on a large scale.

“Arab Film Studio provided a rich experience.  It is now easier for me to visualize my ideas as moving image.  I’m excited to make more films, avoiding mistakes I might have in the past.  This experience is just the beginning!”