Ali Hassan AlShaiba

H.E. Ali AlShaiba

Member of the Audit Committee

Ali Hassan AlShaiba

Ali Al Shaiba is Acting CEO of Abu Dhabi Digital Media establishment (ADVANCE Media) and the Director of Digital Media in Abu Dhabi Media Company.

With a vision and passion for everything Digital and Social, Ali Al Shaiba established ADVANCE, The Digital Subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media in 2014 to cater for the fast paced Media world.
Ali is leading a team of digital minds working in development, social media, marketing, content creation, and design, serving key clients from the region, giving Advance an edge from the very start. His digitally infused outlook has allowed the Advance team to achieve creative and first in the market campaigns and Apps for both multi – level Government organizations and private sector entities. His proactive approach allows him to excel in project cycle management, research and development, and customer relations.

Ali AlShaiba also served as Director of Digital Media in Abu Dhabi Media Company ensuring that the digital media departmental strategies and plans are developed and implemented and are aligned with Abu Dhabi media's long-term goals and strategies.
Under his management two of the products won regional awards for smart initiatives.

In April 2017 Ali AlShaiba completed his Executive Leadership Program as part of UAE's PMO 21st century leaders program.

Between November 2016 and March 2017 Ali worked as an Advisor for noon e-commerce company (The Amazon of the region) managing Marketing strategy and Product developments as part time during weekends.

prior to joining Abu Dhabi Media Ali worked for 10 years between Dubai Police and Private Businesses where He held different positions starting with Marketing moving to IT operations and Head of business development and Strategy.

In 2013 Ali have been assigned as a technology advisor for the Smart City initiative by Crown Prince Office in Dubai working closely with the main consultant in order to create the full plan for the new echo system of the smart city project. Ali was in charge of implementing the latest technologies and digital tools creating the conversion platform for the smart city echo system.

In 2008 Ali was managing a technology and marketing company which has been awarded the Best SME Marketing company by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and also selected the Best use of Technology in Marketing field in the same year.