Production wraps on 'Rashid & Rajab'

January 2017 The body-switch comedy filmed entirely in Dubai

Principal shooting has wrapped on Image Nation’s latest feature film, Rashid & Rajab.

The body-switch comedy directed by Freej animator Mohammed Saeed Harib, was filmed entirely throughout Dubai using well-known locations such as Dubai Airport and Global Village.

The story follows Rashid, a wealthy workaholic Emirati businessman, and Rajab, a poor Egyptian deliveryman, who switch bodies mysteriously after a car crash, and see their lives from new perspectives as they struggle to switch back.

Rashid & Rajab united the best Emirati talent for production including lead actor Marwan Abdullah, actress/presenter Sheema, producer & director of The Worthy Ali Mostafa, and executive producer and director of Zinzana Majid Al Ansari.

The film is slated for release in late 2017.