Hind Al Basti

Hind Al Basti

United Arab Emirates

Hind Al Basti

Twenty-five-year-old Hind Albasti, from Dubai, is a filmmaking graduate who used her Mawaheb internship to pursue a career as a producer.

“I travelled to Charlotte, North Carolina with Mawaheb – a place I had never even dreamed of visiting. Working alongside Image Nation International’s partners including Troika Pictures, Hyde Park Entertainment, Merced Media Partners and Amasia Entertainment, I focused on the different aspects of producing – both creative and logistics.

“I worked under the line producer, unit production manager and the production coordinator throughout my time in the US. This made me really understand each and every aspect of the producer’s role and how these roles affect everyone on set – something I knew little about before undertaking this internship.

“Although from a young age I knew I wanted to work in the film business, it was not until I took part in the Mawaheb program that I realized which path I wanted to take. It made me rethink the specific role in the film industry I wanted to play, as well as realizing my strengths and what I could bring to the film community.”

Hind went on to work with Image Nation on a short film, as well as two Public Service Announcements.