Now is your chance to break into the exciting world of filmmaking.

The AFS Narrative annual training initiative aims to develop UAE nationals’ and UAE residents’ skills in filmmaking.


Arab Film Studio Narrative is a short film competition that takes finalists on a six-month filmmaking journey that mirrors the real process of developing and producing a film. You won’t just learn everything it takes to make a movie, you’ll actually make one!


You don’t need any filmmaking experience to take part. Our multi-disciplinary program starts with a kickoff week in Abu Dhabi, followed by several weeks of mentoring sessions, workshops and assignments. Following this, contestants will take part in a two-week filmmaking boot camp in Abu Dhabi, where they will gain hands-on experience working with industry experts.


Every AFS finalist is a winner, gaining priceless filmmaking experience and the opportunity to make a short film up to ten-minutes in length to be screened for friends, family and press. One finalist will then go on to win a further prize: an internship opportunity on a national or international production with Image Nation at the end of the program.


Arab Film Studio Narrative 2017 is structured as per the following:


(All dates listed below are tentative and subjected to change)


Scriptwriting Workshop Week 1 & 2, Sunday 15 January to Tuesday 24 January


Independent Writing & Individual Mentoring Week 3 to 9, Wednesday 25 January to Wednesday 8 March


Pre-Production and Directing Workshop – Part I Week 9, Wednesday 8 March to Saturday 18 March


Pre Production Week 10 to 13, Sunday 19 March to Saturday 15 April


Directing Workshop – Part II Week 14 & 15, Sunday 16 April to Saturday 22 April


Production Week 16 to 18, Sunday 23 April to Saturday 13 May


Editing Workshop Week 19, Thursday 18 May to Saturday 20 May


Post Production Week 20 to 24, Sunday 21 May to Saturday 24 June


Awards Ceremony held in Abu Dhabi during the month of October/ November - date still TBC




Deadline for submission is December 4 2016.